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it's a trick of my mind

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AGE STATEMENT: I am more than a decade over 18.

"it's a trick of my mind"

About Me


female │ happily married │ humerous │ pet lover in general │ obsessed with books │ reads (slash) fanfictions │ likes manga & anime, movies, and tv-shows │ loves fandom and meta discussions │ serious music addict │ aquarist │ owner of four cats and 2 aquaria │ really (REALLY!) misses a dog in her life │ perfectionist │ likes photoshopping & reading │ loves cooking and baking │ relishes coffee, chai latte, liquer 43, and guinnes │ always craves lots of cookies, cake and ice cream (Sweet tooth? Yes, I have it.) │ started doing and loving bodyweight exercises to keep the weight in check │ does not like intolerance, egoism, cruelty, unreflective people and ruthlessness

My journal is semi-friends-only. I only lock private stuff, though. I'm always happy meeting new like-minded people. Leave me an off-topic comment on my recent entry to get added. Also, English is not my mother tongue. Please, be kind with me when you see any weird mistakes.

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Main Fandoms


I'm a hopeless multishipper with a ton of fandoms and ships. See them all here. The following are my main fandoms: Gundam Wing + Duo/Heero + Duo/Wufei + Duo/Trowa | Harry Potter + Snarry + Drarry | STAR TREK (reboot) + Kirk/Spock + Kirk/McCoy + Pike/Kirk | Breaking Bad + Walt/Jesse | Bleach + Grimmjow/Ichigo + Ichigo/Renji | Supernatural + Sam/Dean | The Avengers + Hawkeye/Loki | Mission Impossible 4 + Hunt/Brandt | The Hunger Games + Peeta/Katniss

Other fandoms: "Grimm", "James Bond (Craig Movies)", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "The Bourne Legacy", "Vikings", "True Blood", "Game Of Thrones", "The Fast And The Furious", "Star Wars", "Starksy and Hutch", "Alexander The Great", "Homestuck", "Banana Fish", "Buffy - TVS", "Smallville", "OZ", "Yami No Matsuei", "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit", "Star Wars".

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dnim ym fo kcirt a s'ti

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Gundam Wing is Untold Love

I trust Severus Snape

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